Financial Freedom

Through decentralized finance, we’re putting financial control back into the hands of victims of narcissistic abuse.

About Us

Unlocking the Power of NARC

Narcissists control their victims with financial abuse. Victims can defend themselves and survive when they take back control and gain financial freedom. NARC Token is here to give that financial control back to you. Download the Whitepaper with the Tokenomics.


10% CEX Liquidity

10% of our token allocation dedicated to centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity will ensure that Tokens flow freely, allowing you to cash in and out easily.

10% DEX Liquidity

We’re allocating 10% of the funds to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring that $NARC is readily accessible to everyone who joins in the Narc community.

30% Community Rewards

We believe in rewarding our loyal members and through a generous community rewards program, we will distribute generous rewards, making sure you get closer to your goal of financial freedom from your narcissist abuser faster.

50% Marketing

We are building an alliance of democratic supporters. We’re allocating serious funds to marketing campaigns to grow our social channels, finance democratic candidates, and offer protection to victims of narcissistic abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is NARC Crypto Token?

Narcissist Token (NARC) has risen from the coming of narcissistic, toxic, and abusive personalities and political figures. You all know a narcissist or must deal with one at home or in your workplace. It’s time to come together as a community and fight back against this plague. Now, we’re here to bring this change with a very powerful tool: MEMES

02. What is the mission of NARC?

Empower everyday investors and disrupt the financial hegemony of the narcissists. Memes have the extraordinary power to unite, inspire, and challenge the status quo. They will be our weapon of choice. Through decentralized finance, we’re creating a movement that puts financial control back into the hands of narc victims, where it rightully belongs.

03. How can NARC Token help me?

We’re charting a course that can potentially make all narc
victims and survivors successful. We’re building and forging an unstoppable anti-narcissist community. Together, we’ll establish a solid foundation, launch our token with a thunderous bang, and aim for unprecedented growth and market capitalization, giving everyone the financial freedom to fight back and defend themselves against narcissistic financial abuse.

04. What is the future of NARC Token?

This journey isn’t about financial gains alone, it’s about reshaping the world for the victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse, with unity, and the formidable strength of memes. Victims of physical, psychological, emotional, financial, and verbal abuse should join us and get involved as we redefine what it means to be a part of the financial world, the one usually controlled by the narcissists. Together, we’ll create a future where human beings with empathy triumph, where community breaks down barriers,
and where unity and solidarity propels us to unimaginable heights and accomplishments.

05. How to buy crypto with credit card or ACH?
Download and install crypto wallet, then click on 'Buy' and follow the instructions. Crypto can be purchased with a credit or debit card, or by ACH transfer. At present, users in 170+ countries can buy crypto through at least one provider.
Supported providers include:
- Transak
- MoonPay
- Sardine
- PayPal (US only)
- Banxa
- Mercuryo
- Binance Connect

Progress Map

  • Laying down the foundation

    The Basics

    Smart Contract Development, Community Building, Branding and Marketing, Merchandise.

  • NARC Token Launch

    CEX & DEX

    Partnerships, Token Listings, Exchange Listings, Awareness Campaigns.


    Phase 3

    Private Community, Market Cap Goal of $1 Billion, Tier 1 CEX Listings.

  • NARC Community Store


    Discover the world of NARC swag and unleash your true feelings towards narcissists with our exclusive collection.

  • Invest Now!

    Pre Sale

    10 stages of $1 million each. Price increases by 10% after each stage goal reached.

Community Support

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Contribute to NARC Token’s liquidity pool and earn on trading fees. Click add liquiry, choose your currency pair, for example Eth – NARC, and follow the instructions.

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